Basic Character Design 2 (Coloring) by Dreadjim

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2 hours + Realtime HD video with audio walkthrough. Continue the assignment and learn how to create 2 types of coloring styles as well as learn about color theory to empower your designs.

Topics Covered:

Using layers, your good friend

Lock & Color

Easy Light and Shadow

Polishing Up

Understand genre and style differences of Manga Vs Semi-realism and how to paint them

Understand Color from a layman's perspective


Workfile PSDs(in case you do not have existing sketch to be used with)

Dreadjim Brushpack

2 Hours+ of Video tutorial

*Products and the files, videos etc required will be sent within 24 hours of purchase, thank you for your patience!

*You must have digital imaging software, Photoshop is recommended.

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Basic Character Design 2 (Coloring) by Dreadjim

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